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Spitfire Mark IV Restoration

The project

I´m based in Uppsala, Sweden. i have a very small garage. Luckily the 1971 Triumph Spitfire Mark IV I will restore is also quite small. I will here document the work I do. mainly for my self but you are welcome to follow my work.

Long time no posts

Bodywork Posted on Thu, August 30, 2018 11:26:41

The sumer was extreme warm in Sweden and I physically couldn’t do as much as I wanted. But I have posted even less. The work is progressing. I am very soon at the stage where I will put primer on the body. I have a few small residual weldings to do and patches to clean. But there has been quite a lot of use of elbow grease…

Lift off!

Bodywork Posted on Sun, May 27, 2018 22:35:45

I welded the last and left sill and lifted the body today. Quite rusty and more than one place to weld on that too!

Long time – now the last sill

Bodywork Posted on Fri, May 18, 2018 08:24:44

Long time since I updated. The work have progressed though. I am now at the last big panels of the body work. Have welded in the left rear wing and am currently working on the left side sill. After this I will lift off the body from the frame.

Boot floor III

Bodywork Posted on Wed, February 21, 2018 08:28:05

As I am going away to Uruguay I wanted to leave the car in a little better shape. I had made a terrible fit of the lower part of the floor under the tank towards the boot. I made those welds a bit better, closed gaps and trial fitted the boot floor. A bit tinkering and I think I will get that in when I get back.

I made a new lower piece.

And fitted it after shaping it to fit (but not at all good enough).I then hurried to get it in and yesterday I at least got the welds presentable and trail fitted the floor.
A lot more to do but we are getting there!

Boot floor

Bodywork Posted on Mon, February 12, 2018 21:20:34

A Monday afternoon devoted to the removal of the boot floor. It was rusty and full of old welded sheet metal on top of old metal so I decided to put in new panels. But first the old needed to be removed and the area cleaned up. I also prepared the first of a series of repairs to panels around the floor.

Started cutting.
The old floor removed.
Rusty and old repairs with hidden metal.
Prepared a new piece for the lower part of the wheelhouse

Rear quarter

Bodywork Posted on Sat, February 10, 2018 22:06:54

This Saturdays mission was to weld in the rear right quarter panel. I first had to weld in the repair panel for the strengthener, build up new flanges on the inner wheel house etc.

The rusted lower part of the strenghtener.
Clamped for welding
New flanges.
Strenghthener welded in.
The panel clamped.
At the end of the day. There is a lot to cleaning up left. But now it is time to move on!

Next step is to change the boot floor panels.

Finished in front and B-post

Bodywork Posted on Sat, February 03, 2018 20:38:02

Finished the last big part in the front and moved backwards. Removed the RH rear wing and repaired the lower part of the B-post and surrounding areas. I all the time encounter old repairs done by the “lets cover the rust with new metal”-method. It is PITA to work on. But there is no alternative but to go forward. In the end of the day I had made progress and the next thing to do is to repair the inner wheel wells and the bottom part of the strengthener in the rear.

It’s cold and snowy outside the garage.
The patch for the bulkhead in place.
And finished. I have to work slower and let the metal cool down more.
Tons of dirt inside the rear wing.

Some work required on the bottom part of the strengthener.Opened up into the body crossmember. Tons of dirt in there also. Will have to do repairs later on the bottom side of it. Pumped in a lot of body protectant before I closed it.
Actually quite intricate forms but it came out Ok and is now stronger than it was.Most of the metal I cut out had both holes and were paper thin.


Bodywork Posted on Sun, January 28, 2018 18:25:39

Worked on the A-post. My aim was to finish the work on the front end but I ran out of gas so there is one piece left to weld in. Given that the original looks on this part of the car was totally obscured by PO’s patches I am quite happy with the results. My son also came over and helped me with getting started with the rear quarter panel.

First I made new support for the hood to slide on.
I then asked Albert to assess the situation. It is good to have one bright brain in the garage!

So this was the situation. After a small prolongation of the vertical inner sill panel I made one small, and one bigger patch for the upper part of the lower A-post (on the inside), and then mounted the finishing piece for the outer sill.
The patch to longer the inner sill.
The finishing piece in place.
Making a paper version of the patch.
Clamping in the metal version.
My son drilling out spotwelds in the rear. I was happy to see that both the strengthener piece and the inner wheel wells seem to be in good condition. A lot of surface rust, yes, but no penetration.

The upper portion of the lower A-post welded in.

Manufactured the part for the bulkhead where it attach to the upper A-post.
The above welded in and I made a piece for the remaining hole. When I welded a flange to that I ran out of gas.

I think this will be good. Hopefully I can weld it in next weekend!

My son in the garage. It’s nice to have company!

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