I don’t have much time during weekdays. Today I emptied and tested the tank for leaks. The only I could find was where I supposed it was. By the fuel meter sender unit. That means I will use this tank, just clean it up and get a new gasket for the sender unit.
Also removed the safety belts and the handbrake lever.
And then into the brain of the thing. Started by removing the central panel on the dash. Always exciting what you will find!
Not to bad though. It is amazing that these rusty old instruments still are working. Perhaps I will just restore them. I also think of just sanding down the dash panels and line them with new veneer. The hazard light lamp was not connected to anything.
The same goes for the red (to the left of the radio) and the blue (to the right) I have no clue at all to what they were supposed to indicate from the beginning. I am not sure I will want to have a radio in the car whatsoever. Radio in an open sports car is kind of a waste of space.
That was it for tonight!