The speedometer gets out. Btw I learnt that the choke knob is removed by drawing out the whole inner cable. There was a lot of problem with removing the upper dashboard panel. All the screws had rusted and I will probably have to buy a new. The instruments finally came out nicely. But why is this always the worst jobs?
I removed the cover over the gearbox yesterday. Here is just a image of the area with a lot of loose cables everywhere.

This program sucks. You have to tilt your head to see the image correct :-). The left door hinges were welded to the A pillar. I cut the door out. To get the A pillar restored is one of the biggest challenges ahead.

Preparing for removal of the cooling/heater systems. With most of the interior parts now removed I move closer to engine and transmission removal. I want to have those parts out of the way before I start to work on the body.
I really love this car. The washer mechanism for example: A knob that you pump and a canister that holds around a pint of washer fluid. And then they combined this with the speed control for the wipers.