Today we tool an important step forward by lifting the engine and the gearbox out of the car. It went hassle free thanks to the small winch.

And a good helper, my son Samuel.

The car is now devoid of most things. Mostly an emptiness!
There are some rust on the frame but I have not found anything alarming – yet…
A view backwards towards the propshaft.

The gearbox on the floor.Oil feed to the rockers.
I dismantled some of the stuff from the engine. I am not going to do anything but cosmetic to the engine.
Also started to prepare for some bodywork. Made a small piece that is supposed to substitute a badly rusted part of the top of the bulkhead.
This piece.
And off it went. Drilling out the welds first. Found that the bulkhead and the A-pillar were not really welded together.