Due to a lack of welding gas this day’s work was spent on cleaning up things. The brake lines were marked and removed.

Then the front anti roll bar was removed.The position for the new passenger side floor was marked and measured.
It will be interesting to see the amount of rust on the frame when I get to that. Mostly the parts that I have been able to inspect is OK. The front outrigger is a bit rusty. I will have top remove all rust to assess it properly.
Samuel helped me to start clean up the trunk floor. Patches need to be replaced and I have a repair panel for the rear valence.
Rust and holes.
But this is actually one of the most interesting findings. All the filler that mask the lines of the car. I will probably have to replace both the rear quarter panels to get it to look Ok. Got disappointed at first but now that I have accepted it I look forward to seeing the car with the intended lines.