The last days I have worked on the floor. Considering how much I worried about it it went terrifically well, actually. A bit hard work cleaning away the old floor and all old patches that are spread all around the car. One hour to cut away the old floor and a day for cleaning up and welding in the new.

I made a little jigg to be able to keep control on the hight of the floor when the sills are out.

A part of the frame was welded to the floor and very rusty.
When the floor was out.
Some corners were more nasty than others. I will repair parts of the lower A-post, but I’ll do that after the floor is in place to keep track on things.
Many old patches.
Took some time to understand how to loosen the floor in the back and in the front.
I made a very rough cut with wide margins and then test fitted the floor and cut again until I got a reasonable fit.

A reasonable fit:
Started welding. Burnt a few holes but on the whole it worked well. I have started to use a higher setting on the MIG-machine since it actually works better to burn hotter but a shorter time.
Advancing. It is important that you do it like this and let the metal cool down when welding sheet metal. You cannot lay a continuous bead all the way. The welds are then ground down.
And this is the strengthener inside the sill. Next job will be to rebuild the sill!