Worked during two days on the right hand sill. When I opened up the outer sill it became evident that I had more repair to do than I expected. All earlier repairs are actually quite bad and I will have to redo some of them. Anyhow this is what happened. Old repairs on the lower A-post are without any contact with the floor.

I decided to take it in small steps. I cut out this.
And fabricated something similar.
Tacked and plug welded it in place. After finishing the welding I moved on to the left. Saving the small pieces to the right for later.
There is some shit do do…
To make a long story shorter. This is when I have replaced three pieces until the A-post meets the sill strengthener. A few pieces with rather complicated shapes so it took some time. At this point I supported the floor to keep everything in place. I also had another diagonal brace welded in the door frame.

I then then removed all parts of the old sill, and prepared for the new. That meant also rebuilding parts of the lower B-post.
There was a lot of fidgeting and trimming that I have not documented here!

I then welded the inner sill and the strengthener.
I painted in between and have weld-through primer on all plug-welded parts.

After that I of course was interested to know how the outer sill would fit. And it didn’t. I couldn’t understand why until I compared the right hand aftermarket sill I have to the left hand original part… There is a huge difference between specifications on them! Now I have learnt never to order aftermarket body parts… Unfortunately a bit expensive to learn that way! You can see the difference below.