Had an hour here and there and then a whole Saturday yesterday. I got the lower A-post repaired, the upper A-post-part and outer sill welded in. When trial fitting the door after welding in the upper A-post I had problems. I had to cut out the piece of the A-post where the hinges are attached and move it. Obviously the A-post where just a little juxtaposed and I also discovered that the fastener couldn’t move as it should in the vertical direction. The position of the A-post also necessitated for me to mount the outer sill below the flange of the A-post. I also had to add a flange to the sill strengthener, which I obviously had mounted a bit to high. Some frustration but in the end I think it will work. This is not a show car – it’s main purpose is to be a learning tool for me and in the end – a nice summer car.