Worked on the A-post. My aim was to finish the work on the front end but I ran out of gas so there is one piece left to weld in. Given that the original looks on this part of the car was totally obscured by PO’s patches I am quite happy with the results. My son also came over and helped me with getting started with the rear quarter panel.

First I made new support for the hood to slide on.
I then asked Albert to assess the situation. It is good to have one bright brain in the garage!

So this was the situation. After a small prolongation of the vertical inner sill panel I made one small, and one bigger patch for the upper part of the lower A-post (on the inside), and then mounted the finishing piece for the outer sill.
The patch to longer the inner sill.
The finishing piece in place.
Making a paper version of the patch.
Clamping in the metal version.
My son drilling out spotwelds in the rear. I was happy to see that both the strengthener piece and the inner wheel wells seem to be in good condition. A lot of surface rust, yes, but no penetration.

The upper portion of the lower A-post welded in.

Manufactured the part for the bulkhead where it attach to the upper A-post.
The above welded in and I made a piece for the remaining hole. When I welded a flange to that I ran out of gas.

I think this will be good. Hopefully I can weld it in next weekend!

My son in the garage. It’s nice to have company!