Finished the last big part in the front and moved backwards. Removed the RH rear wing and repaired the lower part of the B-post and surrounding areas. I all the time encounter old repairs done by the “lets cover the rust with new metal”-method. It is PITA to work on. But there is no alternative but to go forward. In the end of the day I had made progress and the next thing to do is to repair the inner wheel wells and the bottom part of the strengthener in the rear.

It’s cold and snowy outside the garage.
The patch for the bulkhead in place.
And finished. I have to work slower and let the metal cool down more.
Tons of dirt inside the rear wing.

Some work required on the bottom part of the strengthener.Opened up into the body crossmember. Tons of dirt in there also. Will have to do repairs later on the bottom side of it. Pumped in a lot of body protectant before I closed it.
Actually quite intricate forms but it came out Ok and is now stronger than it was.Most of the metal I cut out had both holes and were paper thin.