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Spitfire Mark IV Restoration

The project

I´m based in Uppsala, Sweden. i have a very small garage. Luckily the 1971 Triumph Spitfire Mark IV I will restore is also quite small. I will here document the work I do. mainly for my self but you are welcome to follow my work.

Engine lift and the first bodywork

Removing things Posted on Sun, October 29, 2017 19:34:54

Today we tool an important step forward by lifting the engine and the gearbox out of the car. It went hassle free thanks to the small winch.

And a good helper, my son Samuel.

The car is now devoid of most things. Mostly an emptiness!
There are some rust on the frame but I have not found anything alarming – yet…
A view backwards towards the propshaft.

The gearbox on the floor.Oil feed to the rockers.
I dismantled some of the stuff from the engine. I am not going to do anything but cosmetic to the engine.
Also started to prepare for some bodywork. Made a small piece that is supposed to substitute a badly rusted part of the top of the bulkhead.
This piece.
And off it went. Drilling out the welds first. Found that the bulkhead and the A-pillar were not really welded together.

Connectors, distributor and carburetor

Removing things Posted on Fri, October 27, 2017 19:08:04

Progress today: The whole harness is now out + the distributor and carburetor. Heading for engine and transmission removal on Sunday.

Starter relay
Connectors to the stalks
The ignition and steering lock
The distributor removed
The rust in the battery box
And then the carburetors

Master cylinders and pedals

Removing things Posted on Wed, October 25, 2017 20:32:12

Getting closer to having the body clean of things and being ready for the engine lift. Took out stuff like the ignition coil.
And all the pedals and the master cylinders for brake and clutch.
Someones nifty solution to make the brake light work. The pedals were rusty and grimy but I think they will be able to restore.
The supports for the radiator bracket was like butter on the left side. Need new ones.
The last thing I did was to push the forward wiring loom through the bulkhead. The top of the bulkhead is not nice. I will see what I will do about that. There is a lot of welding coming up! Bought a big fireproof blanket to put on the floor today. I’m waiting also for the lift to arrive and have ordered a few pieces of replacement body panels to start with.

Radiator and more

Removing things Posted on Tue, October 24, 2017 20:45:25

I started with disconnecting the wiper mechanism from the motor. You then need to take out the heater assembly to be able to wiggle out the wiper mechanism from under the dash.
The heating assembly is in a truly sad state. A lot of rust. I’ll try to locate a better one.

The horns are impressive. Haven’t tried them though!
And then the radiator. Rosty sludge at the bottom but it otherwise look quite good. Bu I have a new one waiting.
The right support for the radiator is very heavily welded in place. This car has probably seen a crash on the right side.
This is what it looks like now under the hood. Some wires, the steering column and the pedals are all that is there. Getting closer now to body work.

22/10 dashborard, doors et cetera

Removing things Posted on Sun, October 22, 2017 18:12:50

The speedometer gets out. Btw I learnt that the choke knob is removed by drawing out the whole inner cable. There was a lot of problem with removing the upper dashboard panel. All the screws had rusted and I will probably have to buy a new. The instruments finally came out nicely. But why is this always the worst jobs?
I removed the cover over the gearbox yesterday. Here is just a image of the area with a lot of loose cables everywhere.

This program sucks. You have to tilt your head to see the image correct :-). The left door hinges were welded to the A pillar. I cut the door out. To get the A pillar restored is one of the biggest challenges ahead.

Preparing for removal of the cooling/heater systems. With most of the interior parts now removed I move closer to engine and transmission removal. I want to have those parts out of the way before I start to work on the body.
I really love this car. The washer mechanism for example: A knob that you pump and a canister that holds around a pint of washer fluid. And then they combined this with the speed control for the wipers.

21/10 -17 Interior

Removing things Posted on Sat, October 21, 2017 20:05:12

Trying to find out how to get the choke handle off.
The heater controls

Getting in there. The cover over the transmission was in a sad state. Some previous owner (PO) had put some plastics beneath it to stop the insulation from getting stuck in the gearbox…

Just an overview.

The cover is now of the gearbox. I have a 5 speed box ready to go in at a later stage. Will probably have to change some of the floor panels on the right side.
Find traces of a sound system everywhere. Nothing has been connected to anything so far though.

15/10 Windshield

Removing things Posted on Sun, October 15, 2017 18:49:17

I finished this day by taking out the window. I did that by just cutting the rubber lining. I will buy a new one later on. A lot of rust at the beginning of the A-pillar in the body especially on the left side. Also removed some of the interior mats that was glued in place. All in all quite a good day. Noticed that the floor panel on the left side are quite new, but not on the right side. The doors, more interior mats, gear lever covering and dash are the next step. There have been more rust than I expected and I now there will be more when I start working on the doors. It is great fun. This car is built so different compared to the BMW Z3 I had and is very fun to work on in a nearly boyish way.

15/10 Tank and other stuff

Removing things Posted on Sun, October 15, 2017 17:27:55

I’m now in sync on the blog. Today I emptied the tank, removed it and did some other small things. The tak is not in a very good shape. perhaps I will buy a new. It did not have any evacuation system which I find strange. There are three speakers in the back, none of which had any wiring going to them. I see a lot of old welding but nothing that looks too scary at this point. The car is now a see-trough car!

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